Tree Plastic Pedals

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Designed to be slim, grippy, and incredibly affordable.


- Ultra thin profile
- Grippy micro-knurled body
- Made of a durable nylon/fiberglass blend
- Lightweight body
- Solid heattreated CROMO spindle
- 10 molded pins


- Nylon/fiberglass blend body, loose-ball bearing, 9/16″ spindle


- Black


- 12.8oz/358g


Ultra thin 17mm thick pedal body prevents rolling a pedal when putting your feet back on during tricks. Also creates a lower center of gravity on the bike for more control.

The made of a durable nylon/fiberglass blend body that has a grippy micro-knurled body with 10 molded built in pins.

Perfect large platform grips the sole of your shoe better and adds comfort.

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